Breitling and Rolex watches seized in Cotswolds


A hoard of Breitling and Rolex watches suspected to have stolen in a house burglary were seized by Gloucestershire Police during a raid on a domestic property in the Cotswolds.

Police have arrested a 60-year-old man from Kemble on suspicion of handling stolen goods. He has since been bailed until April 5.

The raid and subsequent arrests took place at 7.15am on Wednesday morning at a home and surrounding buildings on the A429.


As well as stolen Rolex and Breitling watches, the police also found drugs, a car, mini diggers, a dump truck, chain saws, hedge trimmers, mountain bikes and SLR cameras.
Two other people were arrested on drugs charges. They have likewise been bailed.

Inspector Nick Holmes said: “The warrant was part of a larger burglary operation in the Cotswolds and serves as a reminder to local residents that although burglary crime in the area is relatively low, we take this type of offence very seriously. We will be working with neighbouring forces in due course to help return the goods to their owners.”

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