Breitling and Hermès appoint HODINKEE Shop as an authorized dealer


It has been a big week for HODINKEE with both Breitling and Hermès added to its list of brands on sale through its ecommerce store.

HODINKEE’s relationship with Hermès dates back to 2018 when the they worked together one-off special Slim d’ Hermès and Slim d’Hermès GMT HODINKEE Editions.

Working with HODINKEE is an interesting departure for Hermès, which has almost no distribution for its watches outside of its own luxury fashion boutiques.


“We love a brand with a story like Hermès, one with an undeniable rich history in watchmaking but who’s flown under the radar with a quiet strength for many years,” HODINKEE says in a report announcing the partnership.

“That said, we couldn’t be happier that this watchmaker has finally started garnering the recognition it deserves in the past few decades, and we’re elated to bring Hermès to you as an Authorized Retailer in the HODINKEE Shop.”

Hermès 2021 H08 DLC-Coated Titanium On Orange Rubber Strap.

Breitling is a more natural fit for HODINKEE, with its innovative CEO Georges Kern determined to attract a broader, younger customer base and willing to embrace ecommerce, more sustainable business models and blockchain-based authentication.

“Breitling has a long history of innovation in watchmaking, and that innovation not only carries through in the timepieces they manufacture, but in how they approach the 21st-century consumer,” says HODINKEE chief commercial officer Russell Kelly.

“Our shared vision of looking to the future of how customers purchase watches and meeting them there makes this a natural partnership,” he adds.

HODINKEE shop is now an authorized dealer for 30 brands ranging from Swatch to Vacheron Constantin and offering Apple alongside Accutron.

Hodinkee is an authorized dealer for 30 watch brands.


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