Breguet celebrates the 217th anniversary since patent of the tourbillon


Today is the 217th anniversary of the patent of the tourbillon, an invention which neutralised the effects of gravity in watchmaking.

On this day in 1801, Abraham-Louis Breguet, the founder of Breguet watches, patented an innovative mechanism that neutralized the effects of gravity by providing a new precision in mechanical timepieces.

During his lifetime, Abraham-Louis Breguet created 35 tourbillon watches and only less than 10 of them are known to have survived.


The tourbillon precision pocket watch No. 1188 is one of those, and was sold to Don Antonio de Bourbon, Infante of Spain, in 1808.

To celebrate the brand’s heritage it will be exhibited in its Zurich Boutique and Museum starting from June 26, 2018.

The House of Breguet possesses two other historical tourbillon pocket watches, No. 1176 sold by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1809 and No. 2567 sold in 1812, along with original records listing every historical creation.


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