BREAKING NEWS: Rolex shuts down production

Rolex Acacias headquarters in Geneva.

Rolex chief executive Jean-Frederique Dufour has informed colleagues that plants will close for 10 days from 5pm today.

It is hoped they will reopen on March 27.

“We face a very serious situation,” he wrote in a letter to employees today.


The decision was made to protect staff and their families and also to help limit the spread of Coronavirus, the letter, written in French, continues.

Three plants in Geneva, Bienne and Cressier are all affected.

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    • This is about the health and safety of the employees; it has nothing to do with anything else.

      Geez, like the company wants fewer products to sell like they don’t want the income.

    • Do you really think Rolex is, has, or ever will be concerned with catching up with the demand? They will be financially sound for the foreseeable future, all the while still being behind the demand. Besides, if they were to put out a product to match the desire and demand than that in itself would take away from the prestige and desire of owning one, it would no longer be as special as it is. Not to mention that it may negatively impact the quality by rushing or using lower grade material. Having one you know (or should at least have some idea) of what goes on behind the scenes to just get one. Just like everything else, if everyone had one (which would be the case if they catch up with demand) than it wouldn’t be as a respected of an item, therefore making them less special and meaningful. More importantly though is the safety and welfare of the company and its best asset, the employees. 10 days is not a blink in the eye to the world. Not trying to bash your comment, but let’s focus more on the real and important issues at hand.

  1. Might as well close for 6 six months because you still won’t be able to get the watch you want. Been waiting over 3 years for a Sub or GMT… so with this closure I guess I will be waiting another 3 years….

  2. What a bunch of selfish prats !! There’s more to this than your wait for a watch. Buy a used one meantime and shut up.

  3. Don’t you think the health and safety regards for the individual are more important than the buyers desire, not NEED, for a non-essential luxury item. I applaud their actions wholeheartedly.

  4. rolex will flood the market in may 2020. they are upset that people are doubling the price of some of their latest models. supply and demand. not as much demand, dries up the black market. think about it, rolex official dealers don’t mark up any of the watches. so sell more through the official dealers. Then the watches will rise in price slowly as they use too.


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