BREAKING NEWS: Klokers closes


A 2015 crowdfunding campaign for Swiss-French watch company Klokers raised €606,000 for its Klok 1 travel time watch.

Three years later, the business was back on the platform looking for advanced orders and investment for its Klok-08, described as a 60s-inspired customisable watch. This time the founders raised over €463,000 ($515,900).

These remain two of the most successful crowdfunding projects of all time for a watch company, but that has not been enough to save the company, which stopped trading at the start of July.

“We are sincerely sorry to inform you about the ceasing of the activity as of July 2nd, 2019,” the company replied to any e-mail we sent to it.

Klokers managed to open only a few accounts with UK retailers including BT Watches and Jewelry and MoMA in New York.

There appears to be no support in place for Klokers customers, merely a link to a user guide. “If you are the owner of a klokers and need information about your KLOK-01, KLOK-02 or KLOK-08, please refer to our instructions on https://klokers.cloud/Fichiers/klokers_guide.pdf,” the company says.

“We would like to thank you warmly for your support over the past 5 years and wish you will enjoy wearing your watch throughout many years,” it concludes.


  1. as a collector I put my money into Kickstarter and I never received my watch
    all I got was an email that said “they fulfilled 95% of the orders”
    after repeated requests,I realized that I lost my money
    I’m sure the owners made out all right though, never again


  2. And these bastards are now trading again after I lost over €700 for a watch and accessories I never received how can this watch company that was supposed to have gone into receivership start trading with the same name shame on you

  3. Never buy from this company on the Indiegogo site they said they’ve gone into receivership bankruptcy yet the watches were still for sale on Amazon and other online outlets Worldwide now they have started the business again selling these watches, same design same Company name watch out they will be back on Kickstart and Indiegogo raising money for their products scamming everybody they are just thieves


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