BREAKING NEWS: Bucherer BLUE watches land at Tourneau


One of the benefits watch lovers looked forward to most when Bucherer’s acquisition of Tourneau was announced in 2018 was the arrival of exclusive Bucherer BLUE watches.

Bucherer BLUE was a concept launched in 2016 to encourage the world’s leading watchmakers to create unique watches, with as much or as little blue in the design as they chose, and sell them solely through Bucherer stores in Europe.

Most brands create new watches for the Bucherer BLUE family every few years.

More than two years after Tourneau’s acquisition, the first Bucherer BLUE watch is finally reaching the United States in the form of Tudor’s Black Bay Bronze.

It is available at Tourneau.com and 18 Tourneau boutiques that currently carry Tudor.

In Europe, Bucherer offers more than a dozen special edition blue watches from brands ranging from Panerai and Audemars Piguet to IWC and Vacheron Constantin.

The full range of Bucherer BLUE watches is expected to go on sale in the United States when Tourneau reopens its flagship Time Machine store in Manhattan.

WatchPro has been told that the megastore will open this summer, and is likely to be renamed as Bucherer.

Tudor’s $4,150 Black Bay Bronze Bucherer BLUE is a 43mm chronometer using the in-house MT5601-caliber movement.

It comes with both a blue textile strap with a bronze stripe and a distressed brown leather strap.



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