BREAKING: Maurice Lacroix GM reassures staff


Addressing Maurice Lacroix staff at an employee meeting yesterday morning the brand’s general manager Stéphane Waser, confirmed that the business was looking for new owners.

While he praised the Maurice Lacroix’s progress under DKSH’s ownership, Waser told his workforce that, going forward, it would be best served under new ownership and hinted that joining it might be best placed in an existing watch group.

In full, Stéphane Waser said: “DKSH has decided to separate from its watch production activities and to concentrate on its core business as Market Expansion Services provider. We all firmly believe that Maurice Lacroix would continue to be best developed under new ownership, potentially leveraging scale and specific strengths in the watch industry.

“Since DKSH’s involvement in 2011, they provided Maurice Lacroix with financial stability. We rejuvenated the brand, gained considerable reputation and enjoyed improved positioning in the market. We were able to sign the prestigious partnership with FC Barcelona and launched strong, well-positioned product collections and watchmaking highlights.

“We will continue to implement our vision and strategy by keeping on offering competitive products in a price segment of CHF 1’000 to 5’000.

“Together with DKSH, we will seek assurance about the continuation of the good work that has already been achieved with the current teams in place.”



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