Bransom cloud system gives real-time sales data


Technology provider Bransom has shifted its live sales analyser system to a cloud-based platform, providing owners with a faster and more accessible way to monitor their business.

Bransom, sponsor of this year’s WatchPro Hot 100 and technology partner to the forthcoming Professional Jeweller Hot 100, has migrated its original system to the cloud to allow managers to track sales by store, by till or by individual staff within the store.

The new development comes after the company recently announced the launch of a new web-based stocking system, which is already proving popular in the market.


The cloud-based platform boasts a web-based responsible layout, meaning it can be viewed on any mobile device, phone, tablet or laptop, enabling business owners to view their sales data from any location.

A single login allows a user to monitor all stores through a web portal, looking at overall store performance with both graphical and numerical comparisons of sales from store to store.

The user can also set daily targets for each store and keep track of when one is reached.

Data can be collected from both individual tills and individual products, showing the number of transactions processed, number of items sold and any deposits taken.

In addition, managers can also track sales made by each staff member, check the number of transactions, and see any discounts applied and overall sales reached.

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