BRANDS OF SIHH 2016: HYT H2 Tradition

HYT, the hydraulically inclined haute horlogerie watch brand, will visit territory its founder swore never to tread upon when it joins the SIHH line-up this month.

Vincent Perriard says: “We have always said that we would never create a classic piece. Having said that, this is exactly what we’ve done!” Until this point HYT has always favoured a modern aesthetic for its capillary tube time-telling concept, but Perriard seems to be in reflective mood with the H2 Tradition, using classical decorative techniques and features such as guilloche, lacquered dials and blued hands.

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A move to a regulator-style dial layout meant a major reworking of the movement by long-term development partners Audemars Piguet Renaud et Papi. Just 50 pieces of the white gold and titanium H2 Tradition will be produced.

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