Bovet plans global network of boutiques on eve of its 200th anniversary


Bovet, which celebrates its 200th anniversary next year, is planning to open a network of boutiques around the world.

The first showroom opened in Singapore last week, but it will not be the last.

“We confirm that there are plans for new Bovet boutiques all around the world, this year,” a Bovet spokesperson told WatchPro today.


Bovet currently has six authorized dealers in the United States including Cellini in New York, Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry in Silicon Valley and Watches of Switzerland in Las Vegas and Boston.

Bovet’s Singapore boutique is located in the opulent Marina Bay Sands resort, which is home to showrooms for many of the world’s most prestigious watch brands.

The 1270 square foot Bovet boutique aims to bring a European-style vibe with the “rare elegance of Château de Môtiers in Switzerland – the brand’s headquarters.

There has been no additional information provided on where and when other Bovet stores will open.

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