Bonhill introduces Watch Upgrade program with EMWA in Mexico


Secondary market watch and jewellery specialist Bonhill and renowned luxury retailer EMWA have reached an agreement to work together in the pre-owned market with what they call their Watch Upgrade program.

EMWA has become one of the first retailers to implement this specific buy-back strategy for pre-owned watches and jewellery, tailored and implemented in-store by Bonhill.

EMWA operates boutiques in Mexico City, Nuevo León, Mexico state, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Jalisco, Sonora, Chihuahua, Guerrero and Yucatán. Bonhill meanwhile has offices in Barcelona, Madrid, New York, Miami, London, Dubai & Hong Kong.


Watch Upgrade® is a service whereby jewelry stores offer to buy back items their customers no longer use immediately and at the best market price, freeing up capital to facilitate new purchases. The service not only generates increased sales for the store but also delivers a 360º same store service for the customer.

Bonhill has the structure and capacity necessary to commit to buy 100% of the pieces that the retailer receives. It is fundamental to the program to guarantee a total service without discriminating against any item or client. The product that Bonhill buys is then discretely placed in vintage stores and with collectors, mainly in the US, so the home market is liberated and there is no competition. The product is never placed in the online market. This approach is the primary reason why Bonhill has the approval of the best brands.

Bonhill is the result of the extensive experience of its co-founder, Javier Cunill, third generation of one of the most important families in luxury products manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and retailing for some of the most exclusive firms and global brands.

Bonhill Vice President Carla Alegría explained that a watch or an item of jewellery are no longer forever and that the latest international studies show that the average lifespan in terms of usage of a watch is 3-4 years. The comfort and security of repurchase at the same point of sale is a need of the customer that can’t be ignored.


EMWA’s CEO Mauricio Wapinski is equally enthusiastic about the new partnership: “Without a doubt, the Watch Upgrade® service is an important strategic movement. It supposes the alliance of two top-level companies to provide a service of excellence to customers,” said Wapinski.

To find out more about the Watch Upgrade® program and the worldwide network of luxury retailers already offering the service by clicking HERE.

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