Blancpain tucks into fine dining partnership with Michelin Guides


Fine dining and haute horlogerie are natural bedfellows. Just roll up your sleeves and tuck in!

Blancpain has been a foodie for many years and backed the restaurant industry by working with chefs as brand ambassadors and sponsoring famous culinary contests.

Now the brand is going further, by forging an official partnership with Michelin Guide, the bible of top end tucker, to use the Australian vernacular.


Every year, Blancpain and Michelin Guide will come together through more than 20 events and guides will celebrate haute cuisine across the globe from Shanghai to Paris and New York to Tokyo.

“Haute Horlogerie and haute cuisine share a similarly rigorous discipline: the quality of a Blancpain timepiece and of a gourmet dish both rely on precise adjustments along with a subtle blend of tradition, creativity and authenticity,” a statement from Blancpain describes.

“Watchmakers and great chefs alike demonstrate a fascinating ability to assemble a wealth of components and ingredients so as to create masterpieces. Time, moreover, plays a crucial role in the preparation of a refined delicacy. As a faithful curator of time for almost three centuries, Blancpain will accompany the Michelin guide in its quest to seek out the most exceptional talents,” the company adds.




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