Black Ice – Boxer listens to customer requests


British brand Boxer Watches has unveiled its second limited edition model, Black Ice, which follows the growing interest in skeletonised watches.

Boxer Watches founder Mustafa Khalifa first revealed his brand in 2012 with its first model, Zeus, after which he was named in WatchPro’s annual Hot100 list of 2013.

Last year Khalifa won a place on the New Entrepreneurs Foundation programme, which seeks to mentor and develop the next generation of UK business leaders.


Khalifa believes that skeleton watches, originally designed to show off the intricate mechanics inside watches, have a renewed relevance for today’s tech-savvy youth who may not be familiar with how analogue watches work.

He said: “Following on from Zeus, I had demand from the community to see two things in the next model; a black dial and a square/rectangular watch case. Black Ice is the result of utilising that feedback and combining the two key features people wanted to see most and giving them what they want.

“I consider Boxer Watches to be the anti-Apple watch brand. Smartphones already rule our lives, they have many benefits but they’re undoubtedly a major distraction as well. I don’t believe we need a slimmer version of the same thing on our wrist informing us when we have another email to attend to. Boxer Watches was created to help men stay in touch with the physical and disconnect from the digital world.”

Black Ice by Boxer Watches is available direct from the company’s new website for £189.95 although Khalifa is looking to work with retailers.

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