Binda Group sets up e-commerce strategy for brands


Binda Group has created an e-commerce platform that will allow the manufacturer to sell its watch brands direct to consumers.

The group’s move into e-commerce has started with watch brand Breil, which is the first brand to launch a transactional website. The site is now live and is selling watches to Italian customers but Binda Group said that the distribution of the site will soon be widened to cover the whole of Europe, , including the UK market.

The next Binda Group brands to launch transactional sites will be Hip Hop and Chronotech. Sites for these brands will launch in 2014.


The system to support the e-commerce sites has been developed by Intershop and has been designed to fully integrate with Binda’s IT and logistics systems.

A statement from Intershop said: "While it keeps Binda’s financial risks low, with the solution for Binda Group will manage multiple brands and local sites centrally. It keeps configuration and integration with existing systems easy. This means less administrative hassle and more coherent and faster global rollouts. Responsive design was also a crucial specification to make the shop seamlessly accessible both from desktop and mobile devices."

Binda Group was established nearly 100 years ago and now employs 1,450 employees. It owns brands Breil, Hip Hop, Freestyle and Vetta e Chronotech, which are sold through 20,000 shops globally. It also has seven other licensed brands.

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