BilliB to bring fresh clock design to UK market


A British-based clock company is hoping to drive forward clock sales among jewellers following a recent appearance at the Interior UK show with a range of brightly coloured freestanding clocks.

BilliB, the company behind the Bubblegum line of clocks, says that it has noticed a number of jewellers moving away from stocking traditional clocks by opting for bright “bubbly” clocks.

The company, which also works with traditional grandfather clocks, used its recent appearance at the Interiors UK exhibition at the NEC to launch the new Bubblegum range, which includes graffiti-style decorated models.


The brand said: “BilliB’s exciting new Bubblegums are funky and bright and are not dissimilar to the craze that has taken the jewellery market by storm in recent year. It seems that even the more conservative jewellers have benefited from the Pandora affect by attracting different clientele to before.

“That’s not to say of course that they still don’t have a Rolex window for their established clients but Bubblegum is aimed at the next generation who are looking for a splash of colour that will also compliment the modern furnishings in their homes.”

The clocks have been likened to wall and floor art, and are crafted in Germany. Owner BilliB Clocks was established in 1969 in Bournemouth and today is a second generation, family run company.



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