Backes & Strauss Berkeley Emperor Brilliant Tourbillon dazzles with diamonds

Backes & Strauss The Berkeley Emperor Brilliant Tourbillon

The combined skills of Backes & Strauss, a world-leader in diamond cutting, and its parent company Franck Muller, the self-titled master of complications, come together in the Berkeley Emperor Brilliant Tourbillon, first seen in 2016.

It is the first Backes & Strauss wristwatch crafted with a special bespoke hand-winding skeleton tourbillon movement. The tourbillon is set in a bespoke frame decorated with the Backes & Strauss signature arrows.

The bespoke hand-winding tourbillon movement is housed in a frame that is attached to the case with specially-cut tapered diamonds.The central inner frame which resembles the same shape as the case has been set with baguette cut diamonds. A polished diamond in profile is set at twelve o’ clock.

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Only two pieces are being made, one in rose gold, one in white gold. “The first venture of Backes & Strauss into a tourbillon wristwatch is truly a meeting of the masters, where the master diamond setter and polisher, and the master watchmaker combine their shared passion for mathematical precision to create a collection of veritable masterpieces both inside and out,” the company says.

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