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Bering reflects on a decade of watchmaking with anniversary celebrations


Bering is celebrating ten years in the business of watchmaking and has taken the time to reflect on where it all began for the brand.

The idea was first conceived with a jump designed to generate attention for global warming.

That jump turned into a brand, and the brand has made progress ever since, now working hard to do what it can to protect the Arctic.


Bering-Time began when Danish adventurer and businessman René Kaerskov parachuted out of a helicopter in 2008 and into the bitter cold of the Arctic.

Impressed and inspired by the unique impressions it gave, his business partner, Michael Witt Johansen and the third founder, Lars Gram-Skjønnemann, developed a vision for a new watch brand inspired by the Arctic itself.

Another adventurer served as the inspiration for the company‘s name, Danish sailor Vitus Bering who was the first European to discover Alaska, crossing a strait that would be named after him, the Bering strait, to do so.

Launched as a watch brand in 2010, Bering offers a jewellery collection comprising rings, charms, bracelets, earrings and necklaces too.

Today, Bering is represented in 68 countries with 7,500 sale outlets and 12 concept stores, with 8 million products been sold worldwide since 2010.

It has donated over $250,000 since 2010 to animal conservation organisation Polar Bears International to preserve polar bear habitat.

In celebrating the 10-year anniversary, Bering has launched the new “Purple Lights” colour world.

To add a unique highlight to Bering’s anniversary celebration, with vibrant, unique shades, the metallic Sunray Dial adds a special touch to top selling watch models.

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