Berd Vay’e creates limited edition Galaxy watchmaker’s sculptured cubes


No self-respecting luxury watch retailer is operating without VIP consulting rooms equipped with boutique hotel-style champagne bars, Italian espresso machines and nubuck leather furniture.

But how to decorate without overwhelming the space with branded merch?

Berd Vay’e sculptures have become a favored solution thanks to their use of watch movement parts suspended in Lucite acrylic resin.


The latest creation, named Galaxy, is composed of a collection of miniature orb sculptures floating within a clear second exterior cube.

“The imaginative minds of the Berd Vay’e artisans designed an abstract depiction of the watchmaker’s universe, a cluster of once individual watch components that morph into timepieces via meticulous watchmakers. Then, over time, some treasured timepieces earn their ‘vintage’ status and lose functionality,” the design house describes.

The production process for Galaxy takes double the time of any existing sculpture within the Berd Vay’e range.

Production is limited to 999 pieces that are on sale for $6,900.

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