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Beau Geste takes independent watch brands to Monterey classic car festival


Beau Geste, the distribution business of Thierry Chaunu, is heading to Monterey, California, this summer to show independent luxury watchmakers Eberhard, Chronoswiss and Reservoir to a crowd of classic car enthusiasts.

Watchmaking and motoring are comfortable bedfellows, making the Gordon McCall’s Revival Motorworks event, which kicks off on August 22nd at the Monterey Jet Center, a perfect place to present collections from innovative and independent businesses.

Car and Driver magazine calls it: “A fest for those with fistfuls of dollars and diamonds”.


More than 3,000 vintage car collectors attend and it is the event that kicks off the entire week culminating in the world-famous Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance, known to car nuts as the Mecca of vintage cars.


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