Bausele signs Prison Break star Purcell as brand ambassador


Australian watch brand Bausele has managed a rather timely coup by signing Prison Break actor Dominic Purcell as ambassador.

The Australian actor is certain to be hitting the headlines again after Fox this week released a trailer for a new season of Prison Break, the television show which made Purcell a star but came to a conclusion seven years ago.

Christophe Hoppe, Bausele’s founder and creative director, said: “We’re thrilled to welcome Hollywood actor Dominic Purcell to the Bausele family; he is ideal fit for the brand, down-to-earth whilst being a leader in his field and obviously, he’s Australian, just like Bausele. The new ambassadorship is exciting moment as the brand rapidly grows and enters news markets all over the world”.


Purcell wears both a Bausele Oceanmoon II and the Terra Australis, the brand’s flagship design which uses the brand’s proprietary composite material, Bauselite, developed with engineering partners at Flinders University.

Purcell said: “When I discovered the brand I was first drawn to its Australian heartbeat and as a watch fan I like the reliability offered because the brand is Swiss made. There’s no denying that Bausele watches are stylish, unique and different from other brands.  When I wear the Terra Australis I find it’s eye catching but not flashy,  which is perfect for the way I dress and my lifestyle” .

Each of Bausele Australia’s watches contains a raw element from Australia inside its crown, including red earth from the Australian outback, sand from one of Australia’s beautiful beaches and opal extracted from deep inside the earth.


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