Batman V Superman proves smash hit for Police


Police Watches has reported tremendous results from its global partnership with Hollywood blockbuster Batman V Superman.

The official campaign between the movie and the Inter City Group brand began on 1 February, with all Police Watches retailers promoting the partnership at point of sale, with the entire watch collection split into two opposing sides – Batman vs Superman plus showcards and window clings.

This was then ramped up in March, when a pair of tickets to see the film was given away with every purchase of a Police watch. The brand backed up this offer with a huge outdoor promotional campaign targeting key retail cities across the UK and invested heavily in online Google display advertising to specifically target millennials.


Inter City Group’s commercial director, Mohamed Master, told WatchPro how pleased he’s been with the global partnership and the results from it: “For a global partnership with such a hugely anticipated movie to work, it required Police Watch retail partners across our vast worldwide distribution network to engage with the campaign and present their in-store and online proposition in a cohesive way. We remain very much obliged for the support that we have received from our distributors and retail partners and this is reflected in the unprecedented sales growth that has been achieved,” reported Master.

Two limited edition timepieces have been produced to commemorate the Batman V Superman film partnership, with each design reflecting the nature of the two superheroes. Only 2,400 of each of these have been made available worldwide and each one is individually numbered on the reverse of the watch.

“Batman V Superman has provided us with the perfect synergistic relationship for Police Watches and whilst there was no victor in the big battle between the Man Of Steel and The Dark Knight, we have been absolutely delighted with the victory that this particular campaign has given to Police,” concluded Master.

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