Bath school bans exam cheat smart watches


Smart watches specifically designed to help students cheat in exams and available through Amazon marketplace have been banned by a school in Bath.

The £49.95 smart watch can display exam notes as text, images or videos but has an ’emergency’ button to instantly return the screen to a digital watch dial to fool examiners.

Monkton Combe Senior School has banned the devices from exam rooms in the same way it prohibits mobile phones and the Apple Watch.

Joe Sidders, deputy head, stated that the smart watch was added to a list of prohibited devices by the school after he was sent an link to it on Amazon by an exam officer.

He spoke to The Bath Chronicle newspaper, saying: “We wanted to take the responsibility away from [the students], especially in the context of the pressure that they’re under to perform.”

Sidders added that he wanted parents to be aware of the existence of the devices so that they could also intervene.



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