Backes & Strauss offers shared ownership of “most unique and rarest” watches with new partnership


Backes & Strauss says it is delighted to be offering shared ownership of its best timepieces as part of a new partnership.

In teaming up with Covett, a shared ownership platform, Backes & Strauss will allow people access to its “most unique and rarest” watches as a co-owner.

The co-owner would own an equal 20% share of an item which will be shared among 3 other co-owners.


Covett also retains a 20 % share and to cover logistics, cleaning and maintenance, and insurance.

In announcing the news Covett was detailed to be a platform that is all about providing access to luxury goods, allowing more people to enjoy them.

The business said: “Championing conscious consumerism and celebrating tech-enabled ways to achieve abundance, this is a theme we like to call “Covettism,” and we could not be prouder to bring this to Backes & Strauss.”

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