B.R.M creates Laponie Ice Driving watch


Motorsports watch brand B.R.M has consummated its partnership with Laponie Ice Driving with a limited-edition chronograph.

B.R.M teamed with Laponie Ice Driving, which gives motorsports fans the chance to drive on a frozen lake in Swedish Lapland, last summer.

The limited-edition watch created to celebrate the partnership is a modified version of the brand’s V12-44 model. The watch has been decorated with the colours of Laponie Ice Driving colours.


The automatic chronograph with tachymeter has a 44mm titanium case, brushed stainless steel pushers and lugs, a brushed stainless steel crown engraved with the Laponie Ice Driving logo and a black dial engraved with Laponie Ice Driving. The run has been limited to just 20 pieces.

B.R.M will work with Laponie Ice Driving to offer its 2013 customers a 20% discount off the watch’s retail price of €5,500 (£4,495). It will be available from January.




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