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Aviator watches jet to London Watch Show 2014


Swiss aeronautical watch brand Aviator will be showcasing its pilots watches at the London Watch Show 2014 in July.


Owned by BURAN SA with its watches now produced in Switzerland, Aviator was relaunched and registered in 2002 having historically been one of the most famous Russian watch brands with a direct line of heritage to the First Moscow Watch Factory. As such, Aviator is now positioned as a Swiss watch company with Russian roots.


Edgar Volodko, vice president of Aviator watches, said: “Aviator pays homage to the era and spirit of flying in each of our watches. Paralleling over five generations of aircraft technology, Aviator reflects the pilot lifestyle with the history of aviation, starting from ‘pioneer era’ to today’s ‘age of high-tech’. Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, Aviator combines the art of timepieces with sincere passion for aviation.”

Today Aviator is the official watch of the Russian military aerobatic flying team, the Swifts, who fly the MiG 29 Fulcrum.
Aviator will present the full range of its collections at the London Watch Show 2014 at Freemasons’ Hall over the course of the two-day show held on July 6-7.

Volodko added: “ Visitors will be able to see the wide variety of watches from vintage-style used by early aviators to the complicated chronograph with frontal pushers imitating dashboard of aircraft.

“We believe that Aviator has high potential in UK watch market. The style and design of watches, the high quality, and the focus price range [£200-£600] we offer would be appealing to the UK consumers. Our main goal is to establish first relationships with potential retailers and let them know about our plans in UK. Apart from that, I believe the London Watch Show is a great opportunity to make UK retailers aware of Aviator as a new opportunity for their brand portfolio.”


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