Avi-8 makes tribute timepiece to the America’s Hawker Harrier 2 Ace of Spades squadron


Avi-8 has added a special edition watch to its aviation-themed portfolio with a timepiece paying tribute to the Hawker Harrier 2.

The Hawker Harrier Ace of Spades watch refers to the US squadron who flew the Hawker Harrier 2 aircraft which launched in the 1990s.

The US Army General named the Harrier as one of the most important weapons of the 1991 Gulf War. It continues to serve the needs of the Ace of Spades squadron to this day in various theaters of combat, providing close air support for ground troops and performing armed reconnaissance.

Avi-8’s Ace of Spades watch has a number of elements inspired by the Harrier 2 including a crown that has a start insignia in a nod to the US Air Force marking its namesake aircraft.

Through the exhibition case back the watch shows off the custom self-winding rotor developed to echo the turbine rotors of the framed Rolls Royce Pegasus engine which powers the Harrier 2.

The 46mm Hawker Harrier 2 Ace of Spades Edition went on sale this month priced at  $350 to $480.




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