AVI-8 honours WWII flying ace with a Battle of Britain timepiece presentation

AVI-8 WWII Flying Ace

AVI-8, a watch brand launched into the UK last year by Dartmouth Brands, has presented World War II RAF veteran Allan Scott with a personalised AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane, Battle of Britain timepiece as a humble token of appreciation and recognition of his service.

Mr Scott joined the RAF with only minimal flight training and was propelled into combat as a Hawker Hurricane pilot, becoming a fighter ace and carrying out three tours of operational flight throughout the 1942 battle of Malta.

This harrowing ordeal tried Scott’s resilience which is illustrated through the fact that he remains one of only two surviving air aces from this tour. In recognition of his efforts, Scott was awarded a Distinguished Flying Medal.


After his honourable discharge, Allan continued to fuel his passion for aviation by electing to test fly various prototype aircrafts. This eventuated with an almost fatal dance with death as he tragically crashed a Tiger Moth in 1953. Throughout Scott’s trials and tribulations, one undeniable factor persists; he was born to survive.

Mr Scott’s memoirs articulate the true test of the human spirit; highlighting the value of unwavering passion and the utmost determination. “This gesture from AVI-8 is in recognition of a true hero in aviation history, and acknowledges that only with sacrifices such as these, can we soar into the future of flight,” an AVI-8 spokesman said.

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