Aventi scares up A-13-02 Ghost Tynamine


Aventi has introduced the Aventi A13-02 Ghost Tynamine, featuring a sapphire skull with more edges and facets than a brilliant-cut diamond.

Said sapphire skull is suspended over the brand’s first Swiss-made open work tourbillon, the GT-01S.

Aventi describe the work to invisibly suspend over the openwork tourbillon as an industry first, signalling its positions as masters of Sapphire.


The watches are available by allocation only and have been priced at CHF 13,750.

Detailing further about the 500 hours of work it took to produce the single skull, Aventi explained that one mistake, smaller than a human hair, would have been enough to destroy any progress.

Looking at it in perspective, a brilliant-cut diamond has 58 individual facets and the Aventi skull has 160 facets, 200 edges and is only 2.3mm thick.

The raw Sapphire is secured in the CNC machine with a custom retention system and intricately cut using diamond-tipped tools.

Each piece of Sapphire must be re-set within the CNC 48 times to reach every facet and every time the piece is reset, the CNC must be re-calibrated and measured in a process taking 5 hours with no room for error.

A reimagined Swiss tourbillon

On the inclusion of the tourbillon, Aventi went on to explain: “We wanted to create one of the highest quality movements, one that’s accurate, reliable, and finished to an incredible level—focusing not only on the final result but also the most efficient, reliable and robust way to achieve it—a grand complication for everyday wear.”

Adding: “We worked with master watchmaker Olivier Mory to develop a tourbillon that is more accurate than a chronometer, with over 4 days of power reserve.”

It is shock resistant to over 5000 G’s and has a magnetic resistance of 2000 gauss.

63 components are mounted in the grade 5 titanium main plate compared to a traditional tourbillon with more than 300 possible points of failure.

A traditional tourbillon cage is comprised of more than 40 individual components while Aventi’s is only 18.

The brand added: “By minimising the number of components, we also minimised the number of potential risks.”


The Tyamine coating is an exclusive proprietary amorphous carbon formulation developed for maximum durability. Through a high-voltage electrochemical process, the titanium case is enclosed in a unique layer of Tyamine.

An intricate layering of graphite and diamond structures then form a swirling pattern across the surface of the case allowing the unique layering to retain the lightness of titanium but a surface as hard as diamond.

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