Aventi launches futuristic new watch


Fledgling watch brand Aventi, inspired by super cars, is introducing its new watch, the Wraith A15-01 Saphite™ Paraiba.

One of the key innovations in this new timepiece is the material, Saphite™. The brand says that it’s more resistant to daily use and less prone to scratches than traditional sapphire glass. It also points to its refractive index of 1.65 as opposed to 1.76, which makes it more transparent and less subject to optical deformation.

Aventi also sees Saphite™ as more malleable from an aesthetic perspective, as it says that it can be colored in an infinite number of hues. The blue color of the Wraith A15-01 Saphite™ Paraiba is said to only be found in nature in tourmalines mined in Brazil’s Paraiba region.


The tourbillon used in the watch, Aventi’s caliber GT-01S, uses just 18 elements rather than the 40 or so that are traditionally used. The brand says that this is a good thing for consistency in performance.

Each skeletonized dial is made in-house, with the brass being machined with a guilloche hobnail pattern with an accuracy of up to 0.01mm. Meanwhile the hands are made entirely of sapphire crystal with the rim coated with SuperLuminova BGW9.

The strap is made of FKM rubber and has a steel and titanium butterfly clasp buckle, made in-house, for ease of putting on and removing.

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