Sunday, November 28, 2021
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A lot of brand managers are too invested to really want to risk hearing thoughts from customers that contradict their personal opinions.
Influencer marketing is a Wild West subset of the marketing world where it is difficult to spot the Svengalis among the snake oil salespeople.
Ariel says brands need to go all-in if they want to get traction as official timekeepers, but must do their homework first and commit long term.
Ariel says the luxury watch industry relies exclusively on marketing to generate demand for sales and without a plan, industry professionals would be working out of glorified garages.
One of the most pressing problems facing the wristwatch industry is the fact that managers and directors outside of Swiss head office cannot spend any money, argues aBlogtoWatch's founder Ariel Adams.
Selling pre-owned alongside new does not necessarily pose a serious risk to an otherwise healthy market for luxury watches, but 2019 has so many headwinds, retailers and brands would be wise to stick to their day jobs of finding customers for the latest models.
Next year in 2020 the United States will be ramping up for a new Presidential election. How might the outcome create opportunities or challenges for the global watch market?
In an era of mega groups dominating the retail landscape, aBlogtoWatch owner and editor-in-chief Ariel Adams argues there is more romance in working with the indies.