Asos announces half of all sales are now made via its mobile app


Watch retailers mulling over how to leapfrog established web-based e-commerce sites might take a leaf out of the Asos playbook, which this week reported that half of all sales are now made via its mobile phone app.

Retail sales for the company increased to £1.4bn, up 26% on last year but retail gross margins fell slightly to 48.5%. The statement said pressure on retail prices and increased returns affected profit before tax, but still posted an increase to £63.7m.

Asos now has 12.4 million active customers, who place 38.3 million orders in the last financial year.

It managed to persuade 7.5 million customers to download its mobile app in just one year, taking the total to over 10 million active installs.

The app is now responsible for two thirds of traffic to the site and half of all orders.

Figures for watch sales were not disclosed, but the business has grown to the point where Asos has created its own branded timepieces retailing for under £30.

Around 50 other brands are listed on the site including Timex, Accurist, Michael Kors and Ingersoll.



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