Artya unveils gold and platinum Neo-Renaissance masterpiece


Ultralux watchmaker Artya’s master engraver Bram Ramon has created the Sculpted Gold Tourbillon that will sell for CHF220,000.

Fine art meets exceptional mechanical design in the gold, steel and platinum timepiece.

“I love to challenge myself, to create, to push and execute old techniques to the rules of the trade – refusing to compromise or cut corners, ” says Mr Ramon.


“I have a passion for ornamental design, especially Neo-Renaissance ornaments – a style which dates back to the 19th century and can be found in northern Europe, Flanders & Prussia etc. What I like is it’s pure elegance. The search for perfection and symmetry makes it still possible to use this style on more contemporary canvases. To compose and draw in this style, then later engrave or sculpt asks a lot of research. I specialize myself in this style and my own geometric Prismacut Art. To keep creating I need trust and I receive this from Yvan Arpa. His confidence in me helps to produce my absolute best, and makes our collaborations something I always look forward to – and knowing the final customer will have something unique, made by the hands of two visionary creators, who will give everything they have, not only to please the customer, but for the love of the art, is extremely special.”

The watch uses Artys’s inhouse flying tourbillon, which carries the Côte de Genève seal.


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