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Arthur Oskar Stampfli to exhibit at LWS


Arthur Oskar Stampfli is being introduced to the UK by David Mason London and will exhibit at the London Watch Show, which opens tomorrow.

Roland Stampfli created the brand as a tribute to his father Arthur Oskar Stampfli, who spent his life working in watchmaking. The company was formed in 2010 and by 2012, was building a sales network with distributors in Australia, USA, China and Europe.

A big year for the brand, 2013 has welcomed product development and the introduction of Arthur Oskar Stampfli to the UK market by David Mason London, which will present the brand and its products at the London Watch Show, which is taking place at Freemasons’ Hall on July 2 and 3.


Visitors to the show will be able to see The Wheels of Time, an Arthur Oskar Stampfli watch, created in response to efforts to find new ways to convey the time. The watch plays on the traditional way that watches display information and the result is a piece modeled on a display that is compared to Tibetan prayer wheels.

Traditional Tibetan prayer wheels consist of a cylinder filled with mantras that freely rotates about an axis. In the case of the watch, the rotation displays the time.

With a crown at 6 o’clock, the watch also has a sapphire crystal back that reveals the wheels but not the flat motor mechanical movement. There are gold, black, grey, red and blue versions available and customisation is also possible.

Talking about the importance of the London Watch Show, Cos Costas of David Mason London said: "Even in these difficult economic times we have been having recently we have not seen a correlating downturn within the watch industry, to the contrary we have seen a surge in sales within the market with the emergence of new brands and the addition of many watch and fashion partnerships."

He added: "Having a specialist watch-only trade show in the UK – with the way the industry is heading within the UK – has been a must for a few years now and to finally have one is fabulous."

Visitors to the London Watch Show will be able to see both David Mason Watches and Arthur Oskar Stampfli. To register, click here. http://www.londonwatchshow.com/register/

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