Arlington Watches caters to worldwide audience with multi-currency checkout launch


Arlington Watches is now accepting payments in all major currencies, a move the dealer hopes will more attract international custom.

Sales made via the company’s online store were, until now, all displayed and made in British pounds.

However, the company thinks this move will help the brand recognise its worldwide customer base and the need for a more straightforward shopping experience.


The web shop now displays all prices in its customers’ own currency based on their location and, for added flexibility, there is also an option to change the default currency to suit.

The prices are constantly updated using a spot rate so the cost of buying a watch through is the same regardless of which currency the customer wants to pay in.

Christine Ljunglöf, co-owner and manager of the company, described how the driving force behind the implementation of multiple currencies in their web shop was one of customer service.

She explained: “Naturally everybody has a sense of the value of things based on their own currency. You receive your salary in your own currency, pay your bills in it, and your bank statement is in your own currency. By displaying our prices in that same currency our customers will instantly recognise how much a watch will cost them.

“Furthermore, many credit card providers will charge an extra fee for foreign currency transactions. This is no longer a concern for our customers as they will be able to buy a watch and complete the payment in their own currency,” she concluded.

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