Apple Watch slips to 52% global smart watch market share in Q1


According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, global smart watch shipments grew 223% annually to reach 4.2 million units in the first quarter of 2016.

Apple captured 52% global smart watch marketshare, dipping from a 63% share in the prior quarter.

Senior analyst at Strategy Analytics, Rajeev Nair, says: “Global smart watch shipments grew a healthy 223% annually from 1.3 million units in Q1 2015 to 4.2 million in Q1 2016. Global smart watch growth is being driven by consumer demand for Apple, Android Wear and Tizen models across North America, Western Europe and Asia. On a sequential basis, global smart watch shipments fell 48% from 8.1 million in Q4 2015 to 4.2 million in Q1 2016, due to seasonality trends.”

Strategy Analytics says Samsung shipped 0.6 million smart watches, capturing 14% marketshare worldwide for second position. Apple Watch and Samsung Gear models are expanding fast across dozens of countries, but competition from LG, Motorola and others is also ramping up.

Cliff Raskind, director at Strategy Analytics, adds: “Now that many Apple early adopters have their smart watches and all of the holiday gifts have been unwrapped, it would seem the honeymoon for version 1 of the Apple Watch is over. Future traction for Apple Watch 2 will be closely linked to compelling apps that better exploit the usability of wearable tech, while offering autonomous 4G connectivity and enhanced battery life — all if which are in rather short supply today.”


Global Smart watch Vendor Shipments and Marketshare in Q1 2016

Global Smart watch Vendor Shipments (Millions of Units) Q1 ’15 Q4 ’15 Q1 ’16
Apple 0.0 5.1 2.2
Samsung 0.4 1.3 0.6
Others 0.9 1.7 1.4
Total 1.3 8.1 4.2
Global Smart watch Vendor Marketshare (% of Total) Q1 ’15 Q4 ’15 Q1 ’16
Apple 0.0% 63.0% 52.4%
Samsung 30.8% 16.0% 14.3%
Others 69.2% 21.0% 33.3%
Total 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
Source: Strategy Analytics




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