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Healthcare company leans on Apple Watch to drive momentum to new wellness scheme


UnitedHealthcare is using the Apple Watch in its wellness incentive program, which lets members earn up to $1,000 per year if they meet their daily fitness goal, of which the Watch will track.

The health insurance company announced the addition of the Apple Watch at the HIMSS health information and technology conference in Las Vegas.

After paying the tax and shipping, anyone enrolled in UnitedHealthcare Motion can get an Apple Watch Series 3 and have the option to apply earnings from the program toward buying said device. After that, their earnings are deposited into their health savings account or health reimbursement account to help cover medical expenses.


If participants meet these daily goals, they can own the Watch within six months.

The program’s targets are set in the UnitedHealthcare Motion app, which is integrated with Apple’s HealthKit to use data from the Apple Watch to track daily goals.

UnitedHealthcare Motion participants will be able to get their hands on an Apple Watch from July.

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