Apple Watch connection used by Seiko in revival of 1980s Chariot collection

Seiko Nano Universe

The watch world loves to attach a snapshot of history to the launch of new models, as Seiko in Japan has demonstrated with the re-issue of a watch inspired by the Seiko Chariot favoured by Apple founder Steve Jobs.

A new version of the original Chariot is being created as a limited edition in conjunction with Tokyo-based fashion store Nano Universe.

The watch will not even be made available outside Japan, but international watch bloggers have run with the story because of the Steve Jobs connection.

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In a photograph taken in 1984, Mr Jobs is seen cradling the first Apple Mac computer wearing the unassuming Seiko Chariot watch.

The image is so well-known, it was used in publicity for an auction to sell the exact watch Mr Jobs was wearing. It sparked a bidding frenzy that drove the sale price up to $42,500 in 2016.

Steve Jobs Seiko Nano Universe

The limited edition watches created for Nano Universe come in the original 33mm and a more modern 37.5mm case sizes with a choice of black on white or white on black styles.

They are selling for ¥20,000 (around £140).

Seiko Nano Universe models

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