Apple trumps rivals in bid to be most popular wearable


Apple has beaten rivals FitBit and Samsung in a bid to be the most popular wearable, according to new research from Clutch.

The IoT consumer survey found that of the 41% of people who use a wearable have an Apple Watch, which compares to 35% with a FitBit and 21% who use Samsung’s counterpart.

A contributing factor to the findings is that, of the people who use wearables, 61% of them use a smartwatch in comparison to fitness trackers at 27%.


Pavlo Bashmakov, director of the AR and mixed reality lab for Intellectsoft, thinks Apple has an advantage in the wearables space.

Discussing why the tech giant has the upper hand, Bashmakov outlined a large existing customer base, a familiar application market and a reputation as a luxury brand as the reasons for its dominance.

The study went on to describe how 70% of people use their wearables to track health and fitness the most, 61% to check the time and 52% use them to communicate.

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