Apple stretches its lead as the world’s biggest watchmaker

Tim Cook announces the Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple is continuing to use its dominance of the technology world to promote its cause to own the watch market as well.

The Cupertino company does not provide a breakdown of its sales by product lines, but Canalys, a respected Singapore based analyst firm, says that Apple sold 8 million smartwatches in the fourth quarter of 2017.

If the average price paid was around $400, sales at retail would have totalled $3.2 billion in a single quarter.


Rolex, the largest traditional watchmaker in the world, is thought to generate annual sales of around $5 billion, or close to $8 billion at retail.

Since its release on September 22 of last year, the Apple Watch Series 3 is thought to have sold 9 million units world-wide.

Overall sales of Apple Watches in 2017 exceeded 18 million units, a rise of 54% over 2016.


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