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Apple gets the blame for accidental 911 calls due to smartwatch’s SOS feature


Apple has been blamed for an increase in accidental calls to the emergency services, with police explaining it accounts for around 10 calls a week.

This is down to the company’s smartwatch having a feature where you can call the authorities with the press of a single button.

Apple describes it as an SOS feature; wearers can press and hold the crown, where a slider will appear to stop the call from being made. Failing to swipe the slider before the countdown ends will activate the call.


Police and other emergency services are blaming the increase in accidental calls on the popular Apple device. The US-wide complaint stems from users making the call unknowingly while moving their wrists, such as being at the gym, and then pressing the button by mistake.

Tim Smith, of the Ottawa County central dispatch, told Michigan news outlet WMEN.com that his 24-hour local branch now receives roughly 10 such calls a week. “[We] call back and find out, ‘oh, it was my Apple Watch, I was exercising or I hit it wrong or hit the wrong button,’” he said.

Apple has made no comment at this time.


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