Apple files patent for modular strap that add smart functions to Watch


Apple has filed a patent application for a modular watch strap where interconnected linked parts have specific applications.

The patent, filed last week, includes the technical explanation: “A wearable device is coupled to a band including multiple modular functional band links that are each electrically and mechanically connected to one or more other of the band links and/or the wearable device and include one or more electronic components.

“In various implementations, the wearable device may receive identifiers from each of the band links, determine functionality available using the identifiers, and communicate with the band links to utilise the determine functionality.


“In some implementations, the band links may include multiple different output devices and the wearable device may determine to provide an output pattern and signal the respective output devices according to the output pattern.

“In various implementations, the band links may include multiple different input devices and the wearable device may receive input indications from the input devices and perform an action based on a pattern in which the input indications were detected by the respective input devices.”

Apple would not be the first company to produce modular watch straps that can be clicked together to add smart features to a wristwatch.

A UK company has already launched a similar idea called Blocks. The Blocks core is a fully featured smartwatch, fitted with movement sensors (gyroscope, pedometer, accelerometer), bluetooth connectivity, WiFi and an e-compass. But it can be customised  with a range of modules including a heart rate monitor, additional battery, torch, data storage and contactless payment.

Blocks watches

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