Antoine Martin creates lowest balance frequency

Watch house Antoine Martin will bring what it believes is a world first to BaselWorld next month when it presents a new mechanical timepiece that it claims is the only watch in existence to operate at just 7,200 beats per hour.

Antoine Martin has described this reduction in balance frequency to 1 hertz per hour as "revolutionary" and "not even half as fast as the slowest-running designs available in the modern watchmaking industry".

The newly designed movement has a balance measuring just 24mm in diameter and will be used in the house’s Slow Runner watch collection.

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A statement from Antoine Martin said: "With the idea of slowing down time, Antoine Martin has created a sensational counterpoint in mechanical watchmaking. Contrary to the undelrying trend towards small, rapidly oscillating balances, the forward-looking watchmaking company has made a an unequivocal com-mitment to large dimensions, poise and longevity.



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