Antiquorum announces support of Cologni Foundation


American watch auction house Antiquorum has pledged its support of the Cologni Foundation for Artistic Craft Professions through its upcoming auction in Hong Kong.

Thirteen lots in the auction will have their commission waived and all of the buyers’ premiums from these lots will be donated directly to the Cologni Foundation.

The commission from lots 170 through to 183 – mostly Cartier timepieces – will help to “nurture a new generation of craftsmen, protect traditional craftsmanship and promote contemporary arts and crafts”.


Evan Zimmermann, president and chief executive of Antiquorum, said: “Savior faire and skilled craftsmanship are fundamental to watchmaking, and it is very important to preserve the knowledge of all artisans and ensure it is passed on to new generations.

“We are very happy to support the Fondazione Colognidei Mestieri d’Arte in their efforts.”

The auction will be held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong and will featured 412 modern and vintage watches.

Franco Cologni, chairman of the Cologni Foundation, said: “In today’s economy, everyone is working harder. We believe that not enough attention is paid to the artistic craft professions and the applied arts and that young people need assistance in building their career. I thank Antiquorum for assisting our Foundation and the applied arts.”

The Cologni Foundation for Artistic Craft Professions is a private non-profit institution established in Milan in 1995. The Foundation is geared towards generating a “new Renaissance” of the Métiers d’Art or Artistic Craft Professions, and is mainly aimed at young people.

It aims to train new generations of artisans to save craft activities and traditional skills from becoming obsolete.




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