Antiques Roadshow demonstrates why collectors must keep packaging and paperwork


A 1960 Rolex GMT Master has come to light on the US version of Antiques Roadshow that will help a US Army veteran live considerably more comfortably in his retirement.

The Rolex GMT Master, Reference 6542, was the first model Rolex ever made, expert Peter Planes, from Royce Estates Buyers tells the unnamed owner.


The watch was bought by the veteran while he was serving in Germany during the 1960s.

His Sergeant had recommended that he buy a Rolex before heading back to the States because they are the best watches being made. The gentleman said he had not even heard of Rolex before he bought the watch for $120.

As ever with Antiques Roadshow, in the UK and the USA, the suspense builds towards a valuation, which for the watch alone would be around $35-45,000.

However … because the watch has its original box and all its paperwork, that valuation was almost doubled to more like $65-75,000 – around £60,000.


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