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Anonimo, Mühle-Glashütte and Meistersinger look for independent thinkers at Couture in Las Vegas

Meistersinger was one of the hottest independent brands at Baselworld this year.

Three of Europe’s most innovative independent watch brands are appearing at Couture in Las Vegas next week with highly distinctive collections that will give retailers unique stories to sell to customers.

Anonimo, Mühle-Glashütte and Meistersinger are all exhibiting at the Vegas show, which begins runs May 31 to June 4 at The Wynn, and will be presenting their 2018 novelties for the first time in the United States.

The brands will be appearing in partnership with their US distributor Duber Time, which will be presenting the new watches to existing retail partners and potential new accounts.


“I think that our brands are very distinctive so they speak to different segments of the market. Our price points across all brands are highly competitive going into 2018 and I think they are collectively representing a cross between the traditional, the style and vibe that the millennial segment is looking for and simply amazing new design and style,” says Tony Wasserman, SVP sales and marketing for BALL, Anonimo, Meistersinger and Muhle Glashütte in the USA, Canada and Caribbean.

There are several key collections for 2018 that retail partners will see for the first time. The Epurato line from Anonimo is a crossover family that continues the heritage of the brand but is now a sleeker style that wears well from casual to dress.



Mühle-Glashütte has the ideal watches for younger millennial customers with its Panova Blau collection while the Pro Mare Go is an ideal timepiece for sports enthusiasts that wears well in any setting.  is introducing the Teutonia II Welzeit, a fabulous worldtimer for watch connoisseurs and the Lunova Lady is a classically understated piece for a bolder female customer.

German watchmaker Meistersinger, which is famous for its single-handed timekeepers, is also going to appeal to a new generation of watch loves with its Black Line and the millennial screaming Metris models while the 2018 Lunascope was widely hailed at Baselworld as one of the best watches of the year.


Meistersinger’s Metris is an ideal entry into the brand for younger customers.


Couture is an opportunity for retailers not only to see the new watches, but also learn how the brands can help with logistics, marketing, merchandising and other business tools.

“We are first and foremost looking to support our existing retail partners in every manner possible from inventory management-sell through, to advertising, social media, promotion and of course product introduction. We strive to seek out additional retail partners in targeted markets to make our product accessible to a broader base of consumers while maintaining the integrity of our existing dealers trade areas,” Mr Wasserman explains.

Working with independent watchmakers that may not be well-known to the people outside watch-loving circles is an opportunity for forward-thinking retailers, who can establish brands in their markets. “The advantage is uniqueness, quality and style. Each of our brands carries its own weight very well. Anonimo has a deep heritage and is a well-known name reinventing itself before our eyes. Great Italian heritage and style. Mühle-Glashütte is renowned for precision and is evolving with great design to boot and Meistersinger is a design powerhouse. Look at all of the Red Dot awards they continue to win. They each have superb leadership so it is easy to work with them,” Mr Wasserman describes.

“These brands are by design not mass-marketed nor are they over distributed. There is not price pressure on the brand due to over distribution so margins remain intact and the retailers investment is protected,” he continues.

“The price points are amazing for the product you are getting and the styles make for easy turn. In working with us you get a different approach. Our proposition is protected trade areas, sell-through not sell-in, lots of advertising and promotion (much of which is done by us not the dealers) though we do have a very generous co-op program and no pressure. We really want our dealers to succeed so we are doing all that we can to make it easy to get into a brand, we help manage the sell through process and are really focused on elevating the brands visibility in 2018 with a vigorous Social Media, PR and Promotion schedule. We have dedicated repair centers in the US for each brand so support is there at all times,” Mr Wasserman adds.

Focus and attention to the needs of each retail partner are a hallmark of these independent brands in the United States. “It depends on the brands as each ones’ DNA is very specific. We are doing a few exciting Limited Edition watches for each brand (100 or far less) that speak to a certain segment relevant to that brands DNA and then promotions that are very unique with events that feature world class sailing to culinary adventure and global travel and events customized to our dealers trade areas,” Mr Wasserman explains.

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