Anne Klein puts sustainability at the heart of its Fall/Winter Considered collection


Buyers in the United States have responded positively to a fresh family of fashion watches from Anne Klein that put sustainability at the heart of their concept.

The Considered collection, the company tells WatchPro, is about more than simply meeting women’s fashion needs. “It’s about taking a thoughtful approach, thinking about tomorrow as much as today, and minimizing our environmental footprint,” it adds.

Every watch in the Considered collection has a solar-powered battery that will never need to be replaced.

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Its leather straps uses a natural tanning process that is free of chrome, heavy metals, formaldehydes, pentachlorophenol (PCP) and many other harmful chemicals. 95% of the waste produced by the tannery can be recycled or sold for use in fertilizers and compost.

There is also a range that uses plant-based leather straps that are suitable for vegans.

To avoid the damage associated with traditional plastics, Anne Klein’s watches use cellulose acetate made from natural cotton and wood fibers instead of oil-based materials.

Point of sale material for the $95 to $150 watches has a forest theme and is made of wood.


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