America’s largest Rolex showroom set to open in December


Long’s Jewelers will open a 4,600 square foot Rolex showroom in Boston this December, the largest in the United States, according to chief executive Craig Rottenberg.

The store was slated to open earlier this year, but the ribbon-cutting had to be pushed back because of covid restrictions.

It is located at 8 Newbury Street, nestled between luxury stores for Bulgari and Chanel.


The site was originally built in the 1920s with a Rolls Royce showroom at street level and can count Cartier, Richard Mille, Tiffany & Co. and Van Cleef & Arpels as near neighbors.

Long’s Rolex showroom will comfortably be the largest in the United States, beating a 3,000 square foot space within the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas run by The Watches of Switzerland Group.

It may not hold the record for long because there will be a new Rolex showroom run by Wempe on the ground floor of a new Rolex USA headquarters building on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street in New York. The whole building has 165,000 square feet of space over 25 floors.

Architectural drawings show Rolex occupying the first two stories, potentially totaling over 13,000 square feet, although no details have been revealed about how much of the space will be devoted to retail for Rolex.

Long’s site for the new Rolex boutique in the exclusive Back Bay neighborhood of Boston was bought this summer for $42.45 million by Corso and GLL Real Estate Partners. The lease for the Rolex boutique was already secured before the building changed hands.

Mr Rottenberg could not give a firm date for opening the showroom, but told WatchPro this week he expects it to be in December.

Read the full interview with Long’s chief executive Craig Rottenberg in the upcoming December edition of WatchPro and online at USA.WatchPro.com.

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  1. I have owned three or four Rolexes in my life, and I understand the allure. However, given the situation over the last year or so, I wonder if that store will even have any inventory of the more desirable models. I have been trying to buy a Pepsi at retail, my name is on many lists, and no one calls, nor will they call. Funny how the aftermarket guys seem to have great supplies of the hard to find watches at, in many cases, double, or more, of the retail price. I have become thoroughly disgusted with the brand.

    • I purchased my Pepsi from my local AD in February 2019a few weeks after letting him know I wanted one. Having said that, I’m certain I’ve purchased at least 20 Rolex’s among many other items over the years. Have all the hard to get Rolex models I want (Pepsi, Batman, Hulk and both Daytona’s, etc. My point is that while some complain about availability, whenever I ask my AD for a specific model the answer is always, “you’ll get the next one that comes in’” and it never takes long. Having said that, I’ve been waiting more than a month for a new Explorer. With lower supplies of the stainless models I see no problem with AD’s offering high demand models to their best customers before they go to (most people) who just call around to get on a list. If I decided I wanted a rare Ferrari without any real history with the brand I would certainly understand if I couldn’t just buy one or even get on a list. The bottom line is that the AD’s that can’t just pick up the phone and take care of a VIP customer, they sell the watch (over retail) on the grey market. I’ve probably averaged $25K a year over the last 25 years with my AD so I don’t even pay retail for the most desirable models and I don’t expect to. However if I hadn’t ever purchased a Rolex from an AD before and wanted a Pepsi, I’d speak privately with the owner, prove that you’re a local customer and tell them you’ll pay $2K over to get to the top of the list. If you’re convincing, you’ll get their next one! Remember, the second word in MSRP is “suggested”. Supply and demand will always determine fair market value. And it’s worth $11K if you ask me. Hope that helps and you get to enjoy one soon Chuck.

  2. All of that space to show what? Two tone lady datejusts?

    I’ve also become disgusted with the brand. Forcing honest people to buy in back alleys while becoming a brand for oligarchs, third world dictators, and empty influencers.

  3. Steel watches are so passe. The only reason why people want these watches is because they can’t have them. Rolex is laughing all the way to the bank. There is nothing special about a steel watch. What is wrong with you people? Steel is not a luxury material. Paying 10K retail for a steel watch is insane. When I see somebody wearing a steel Rolex watch, I think to myself that that person is really dumb for falling for all the hype. This frenzy over steel Rolex watches is one of the dumbest things I have seen in my life.


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