American tech company invents smartwatch that works without a phone


Omate Rise Standalone Smartwatch is one of the first pieces on the market to incorporate a sim card, which allows it to offer similar functionality to the watches from Samsung and Apple but without needing to speak to a phone.

“With the Omate Rise, you can track fitness, call, receive text messages, emails, social media notifications and run apps and other Internet tasks without needing to pair with your smartphone or be connected to Wi-Fi.” explains Omate. This feature works via the sim card and runs at 3G and has GPS.

Pairing the watch with a phone is still required to get the most out of the Omate app, which receives voice commands using Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant, a competitor to Apple’s Siri and Google Talk.


The Omate Rise runs on full AndroidTM 5.1 Lollipop and Omate User Interface 4.0. It is compatible with both Apple and Android phones.

The watch’s 44mm polycarbonate case has a sapphire coated screen, a carbon fibre bezel and stainless steel screws. The crown at 2 o’clock acts as a power and home button for the smartwatch.

Omate raised almost $250,000 via the Kickstarter crowd funding service, where the company promised to give super super-earlybird backers a free BLE Heart Rate Monitor chest strap.

The Rise will be available in the retail in 2017 at $349.

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