Almost 2,000 fake Rolex watches seized by Port of Louisville customs officials


US Customs and Border Protection officers at the Port of Louisville have seized several shipments of fake luxury watches that would be worth $58 million if they were real.

There were 2,168 knock off watches, according to CBP’s trade experts at the Centers of Excellence and Expertise. All the watches originated from Hong Kong and were destined for addresses across the US.

The vast majority of the fakes were Rolex.

One package contained 958 counterfeit Rolex watches that would have been worth $8.4 million, while the second shipment contained 1,000 more counterfeit Rolex watches that could have been worth $40.6 million.

Other seizures included four counterfeit Richard Mille watches that, if real, would have been worth $766,000 and another shipment contained 93 various counterfeit designer watches worth $3 million.

In a world of super fakes that are very hard to separate from the real thing, consumers are being urged to take extra care and buy only from reputable retailers.

“Consumers should be aware that if a known high-value brand is being offered for an unusually low price, it could very well be fake. CBP encourages the use of reputable vendors for your valuable purchases,” said LaFonda Sutton-Burke, Director, Field Operations, Chicago. “Our officers are dedicated to preventing counterfeiters from defrauding consumers and legitimate businesses.”



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