Alexander Shorokhoff’s latest “Los Craneos” iteration underlines joyous side of art while skulls remain


Alexander Shorokhoff’s skull infused watch range “Los Craneos”, has evolved and this time aims to show the joyous side of the art it is inspired by.

The first limited series of the watch model “Los Craneos” was dedicated to Frida Kahlo, a famous Mexican painter.

Its successor, the second in Los Craneos line stays true to its skull-led roots but aims to underline the happy and colorful side of Frida Kahlo’s art.


Now, the skulls are covered by colored enamel, resulting in a much more emotional, vivid and peaceful appearance.

The color of the enamel coating of each sector has been selected thoroughly in order to amend the transmission of artistic emotion.

For the dials’ production, mostly transparent enamel is used, giving the color an additional depth. The back sides of the skulls have been set off by a mat treatment made by the engraver in hand work with a special stylus.

After this treatment, the sectors are artificially worked out in typical Mexican tradition inspired by ancient Aztec patterns. For better legibility of time the different sectors and their elements are arranged so that they can be subdivided in hours.

In contrast to the first model of this series the colors of the dial’s background are not as radical as the popular all black predecessor.

The dial now shines in noble champagne color or in a clean metallic grey tone. The 62 striking metallic studs are now covered in yellow gold.

The case for the two automatic movements is made of stainless steel in same manner as for the predecessor model while the movements are accordingly hand-engraved and refined. They can be seen through the glass windows in the case back.

In summary, Alexander Shorokhoff says the new version of this watch is more pleasant, creative and emotional – completely in accordance with the art of Frida Kahlo.

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